Commonly Asked Questions Do I need to learn drawing before painting? Traditionally, if you wish to be trained as an artist, you may spend sometimes to draw before you paint. You practise drawing and master perspective, proportion, tones and many more before you deal with colours. However, for those  who just like to have fun with colours and painting, it is fine to jump straight into painting and do what you can and gradually learn drawing whenever it is needed. We have painting workshop for people who just like to discover the joy of art making. I have not done any drawing and painting before, but I wish to learn, can I join your sessions? The purpose of these art classes and lessons is to help you start learning and practising sketching/drawing and painting. We have Basic Sketching/Drawing and Acrylic Painting lessons for Beginner as well as Painting for improver and Painting with the Artist sessions. I am a senior citizen and I have not learned painting before, can I join your sessions? Yes, anyone interested to discover the joy of drawing and painting can join the art sessions. Below is a chart of participants age range (from 7 to 86) coming to my ongoing art sessions for your reference. What shall I bring for painting or drawing session? Participants bring their own art materials for painting and drawing session. For acrylic painting, your need stretched canvas or canvas panel, pencil, watercolour pencil or charcoal stick, some brushes, a box of acrylic paints, painting knifes, mediums, tear-off palette, and paper towel. Please bring along your reference materials, sketches or drawings (if you have), digital images for reference or for discussion when needed.  For drawing session, you need to bring pencils, kneaded rubber, eraser, sharpener, drawing block (A3 size) or sketching book. It is fine if you do not have any of them on your first session, you can use and buy whatever that is available at the studio and then you go to buy your own materials after the first session. What kind of paint should I use for painting? The common types of paint people used are watercolours, oil and acrylic. You can start with acrylic paints as acrylic is a versatile medium that is also very forgiving. it dries quickly than oil and you can achieve oil painting and watercolours painting effects with acrylic if you wish. Acrylic can be used on any surface, you can paint on paper, canvas or board. What brand of paint should I buy? All depends on your budget. They are students quality paints to professional quality paints available in the market. You can make a search in internet or pay a visit to the art shops and obtain what you need in Singapore. For beginners, you can buy a box of 10 to 12 tubes of colours, a starter set with two of each primary colours and a few other colours. Shall I buy paper or canvas? For watercolour painting, you buy watercolour paper. For acrylic painting, you buy canvas, canvas board, canvas panel or canvas pad. You can draw and paint on any common drawing paper as well. If you wish, I can teach you how to prepare for your painting surface during art sessions. What shall I learn from the lessons? You may like to know more about them, visit this website.