PRABHAKARA JIMMY QUEK + SIEW HOOI You are welcome to meet Singapore Artists Prabhakara Jimmy Quek and Siew Hooi at their home studio at Tampines in Singapore. Making a living with art, they create art, share art, sell art and teach art. Contact them for an appointment and they shall be delighted to hear from you.


Jimmy   Quek   began   learning   art   in   1971 and    has    been    practising    art    full    time since   1986.   He   has   held   11   one-man   art exhibitions    and    participated    in    more than      80      group      art      exhibitions      in Yokohama,   Kobe,   Sapporo,   Rotterdam, New   York,   Washington   DC,   Indianapolis, Dallas,    Los    Angeles,    Honolulu,    Hong Kong,      Taiwan,      Bangladesh,      Beijing, Quanzhou,    Shanghai,    Korea,    Fukuoka, Osaka,       Thailand,       Vietnam,       Brunei Darussalam,       Philippines,       Indonesia, Malaysia    and    Singapore.    He    signs    his painting   "Prabhakara"   which   in   Sanskrit means "source of light".  More


Siew       Hooi       started       learning       and practising     art     in     1992.     She     began learning   meditation   in   1989   and   yoga   in 1993.    She    exhibited    her    artworks    in Ngee   Ann   3D   art   exhibition   in   2004   and 2005.   Siew   Hooi   represented   PABHA   in the    participation    of    several    art    events and    projects,    including    National    Park Board   Fort   Canning   Centre   Art   Market on    June    2007    and    September    2007, Singapore    Art    Street    2008    and    2009, Metta   Charity   Walk   cum   Family   Carnival 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.   More