We will show a selection of 30 paintings during this year's National Day period from 9-22 August 2020. The selected works are beautiful and colourful paintings, created by Jimmy with celebration, joyful and happy emotions, and moods from 2015 to 2019.  The paintings generate positive, joyous, and happy energy to viewers and art lovers. This exhibition aims to share and promote art digitally during the post circuit breaker period and to celebrate the Singapore National Day 2020. Visit exhibition at
Visit website at
You are welcome to join in the ongoing art sessions and create artworks with Prabhakara Jimmy Quek, an established and experienced artist in Singapore. His works are in the collection of Singapore art museum, ministries and corporations, as well as in the homes of art lovers and private collectors. You will discover the joy of making drawing and painting using multiple media (pencil, watercolour or acrylic) to explore representational or non-representational paintings, such as still life, landscape, flowers, portraits, abstract paintings or creative paintings for fun and enjoy making art. Many participants have benefited from the art sessions. Visit website for more information about art sessions and website for 10th-anniversary commemoration website.