Due to the current COVID-19 situation, art sessions at the studio will be suspended until 30 April, but art-making continues and it never ends. We have "Ongoing art sessions go online" now! You stay at home. You paint at home and communicate with the artist (Prabhakara Jimmy Quek) online. It is our new way of running art activities. During the period of the scheduled session, participants communicate with Jimmy via ZOOM or Facebook Messenger video chat or Whatsapp video call. More information at  The best time to join Patreon is at the beginning of the month because you will view all the posts at in the month until the next due date on 1st day of the following month. You could sign in with your FB account and select a membership level to have a Patreon account and become a Patron to support the creator. Get inspired and make a goal with art and mindfulness practise now!