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Recent Paintings - Despite his urban roots, Prabhakara Jimmy Quek has always been fascinated by the countryside. His earliest paintings are bird's-eye views of agricultural land, which have the functional look of modern design. -  Read more

A Painter of Sublime Landscapes - The source of Prabhakara's art philosophy is anchored in Buddhism. He subscribes fully to the embalming influence of daily meditation. - Read more

A Landscape of the Soul - The artist does not aim for imitation, the illusion of sensation, but endeavors to convey pure, naked emotion - the seemingly impossible challenge of transcending the relationship between forms and colors to express the essence of beings and object! This can only be achieved through an ascetic approach, a slow refinement aiming to eliminates all the driftwood, all the noise which since childhood pollutes our vision. - Read more

The Spirit of Nature - At his first solo exhibition in 1987 Jimmy Quek (Prabhakara) made this statement "It is important to be prepared to change - to free the mind each time - not to attach too much importance to previous ideas". Those of us who knew him then will be aware that he has followed his belief. - Read more

6 Paintings in 5 Directions - At the height of his successful series of abstract paintings in celebration of natures's grandeur, Prabhakara changed course in his art to a new series. His 6 works in this exhibition belong to this series. - Read more

Jimmy's Works - Art in Singapore is noteworthy for its understanding of the abstract possibilities of two dimensional form, and for its pursuit of beauty and uplifting spiritual value. Both of these abound in the work of Jimmy Quek, but are combined with an exhilarating sense of colour.  - Read more

An Introduction - Prabhakara's paintings comprise the spiritual interpretation of freedom in mellifluous harmony and the dominant power of contrast and light in arresting statements. - Read more