An Introduction

(Introduction extracted from First One-man Art Exhibition Catalogue - Prabhakara 1987.)


Image Prabhakara(Jimmy Quek), student of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art and La Salle of Singapore was so advanced at the end of his first year, that he gained the distinction of being promoted to third year status.

During the years to follow he set up his own design company, however, a burning restlessness and desire to interpret his environment on canvas and a natural love for nature, forced him to abandon this and free himself into full time painting.

His powers of observation have developed into a far sighted vision, in addition to this, his natural restlessness and curiosity lead him to move on, resulting in a great variety of abstract paintings of land, sea, air, water, clouds and figures.

Prabhakara's paintings comprise the spiritual interpretation of freedom in mellifluous harmony and the dominant power of contrast and light in arresting statements. Some like symphonies of peace and calm with a blend of soft colours. Others with brilliant contrast of colour and balance.

Jimmy has adopted his Sanskrit name Prabhakara, meaning Store of Light This is symbolic of his interpretation of all things which surround him.

His inspiration is his philosophy based on Buddhist belief and within this realm he transcends factual vision and emotion into abstract structure.

In some paintings his deep concentration and observation of subjects reveal in the abstract sense, a comprehension of reality. In others his love of light evokes a sense of peace and communion with the universe.

Here is a young man with a rare talent, an abundance of energy and a highly sensitive approach to the subject.

I predict he will achieve world acclaim.


Della Butcher