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6 Paintings exhibited in 5 Directions

An art exhibition of Recent Artworks by Five Young Singapore Artists. Presented by Takashimaya Singapore Ltd

Below text is an excerpt from art catalogue, Introduction of 5 Directions - Recent Artworks by Five Young Singapore Artists written by Choy Weng Yang. The Art exhibition is presented by Takashimaya Singapore Ltd in 1994. Mr Choy is the curator for that exhibition. Five artists in the exhibition are: Goh Ee Choo, John Lim Kian Kok, Jimmy Ong, Prabhakara Jimmy Quek and Salleh Japar.



Entering Reality   1994   Acrylic on canvas   152 x 132 cm


At the height of his successful series of abstract paintings in celebration of natures's grandeur, Prabhakara changed course in his art to a new series. His 6 works in this exhibition belong to this series.

The crux of these new works is the phenomenon of motion and its mobile agility. It is a phenomenon which we all encounter in daily life in various forms but to a sensitive artist it may be abstract or illusive: a roaring train, a glowing light, the passing breeze.



Full Moon Romance   1994   Acrylic on canvas   152 x 122 cm


The act of transforming an idea into an abstract painting is a complex one - itself full of abstract connotation. The idea is only the spark not the full flame: The artist has the daunting task of taking the work through several crucial stages. The diverse requisites of the process include conceptualization, visualization and improvisation. Its success depends much on the artist's exploitation of his imagination.



Celerity   1994   Acrylic on canvas  152 x 138 cm



Langkawi Tryst   1994   Acrylic on canvas   152 x 122 cm


Through the years, Prabhakara has shown a rare gift of inventing exciting visual imageries which enrapture his audience.  His vivid imagination is always at peak and his resourcefulness seldom fails him Thus, although the 5 works from 1994 in this exhibition were executed in close proximity in time, each has emerged as a distinct - indeed captivating - imagery in its own right, thriving on its own laws and logic. His imageries are never prosaic; their freshness, always intact.



Dance in City   1991   Acryliic on canvas   127 x 122 cm



Awakening   1994   Acryliic on canvas   152 x 138 cm


Began as a flicker, Full Moon Romance is now a threatening engulfing, fiery imagery. Yet it is the titillating interaction of reality and illusion, the assertive crimson and neutral white, the concrete element and infinite space which intrigue us. The artist flirts with the fleeting nature of our transient life in Celerity simultaneously teasing us with an illusive allegory. The sensations of mobility and its vibrations are given gull play in Entering Reality, Despite the scattering forms the unity survives. Prabhakara's enigmatic art transports us to a new plane in visual experience.


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