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Basic Sketching / Drawing

Drawing has been the very foundation of all art. You will learn how to draw by using pencils on paper. You will use direct observation method to do sketching / drawing of still life.

Practical exercises include drawing in line and tone, develop understanding of relationships between subjects, perspective, proportion, design and composition

This course is helpful for those who plan to take up painting lessons in future. It is also for those who just like to learn drawing so to use the skill in making art.

Recommended number of sessions:  12 sessions for beginners for Basic Sketching /Drawing using still life for practice.

You may continue to practice and learn more drawing techniques if you wish, depending on your intent and level of practice. You shall learn and practice progressively according to your level the followings:




    Vertical and horizon lines.

    Straight lines, slant and curve lines.

    Long lines, short lines, thick lines and thin lines.



    Light and shade. ( Light and dark. )

    Light and shadow.

    Drawing in line and tone.


    Contour drawing.

    Contour line. Hatched line. Implied line.

    Shading technique, blending technique.

    Dividing line.

    Different effects of lines.

    Rendering Volume.

    Tonal rendering.

    Value scale.

    Simple to complicated crosshatching.


    Learn more about sphere.




    Textures, surface quality of objects.

    Hard, soft, smooth, rough effects.

    Transparent and reflective effects.

    Relationship in size between subjects.


    Positive and negative space.


    Lines and pencil marks/ direction of strokes.

    Quick drawing.

    Draw what you love.



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Achieve: Basic sketching and drawing knowledge and experience. Quick sketches of various subjects. Completion of still life drawing.     

What next: You can continue to book for any number of lessons you like for your sketching and drawing practices, so to achieve higher lever of proficiency in sketching and drawing. You shall develop seeing and recording ability and expression skills in all elements, including proportions, perspective, textures, lines and tones and develop drawing from memory and imagination Finally you achieve the ability to draw what you wish to draw and you draw it well!  


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(Above drawings by June Ang, Evelyn Chung, Jen Wong, Andrea Goh. More works at participants' works galleries.)

Drawing 123

 "Drawing 123" is for those who has practiced a minimum of 48 sessions of "Basic sketching /drawing" with the artist and has progressed to a satisfactory level  with keen interest to explore drawing further to a higher level of practice.

You will explore different types of drawings, including gesture drawing, blind contour drawing, cross contour drawing, quick drawing and to developed lines and marks, tonal values in a more intensive manner.

You will explore and develop understanding on communicative purpose of proportion, perspective, one point perspective, two point linear perspective and multiple perspectives and develop drawings based on direct observation, reference photos, imagination. Further practice will include self-portrait drawing, landscape and building, using various methods. Study on compositions, positive and negative space, thumbnail sketch, tonal studies.

Your practice will include project assignments and studies on various art elements, design principles and themes, as well as research and study on other artists works.

You will be encouraged to explore calligraphic line drawing, expressive drawing and to work on creative and experimental drawing assignment as well.  

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(Above drawings by Vina P Hermanto, Choong Siew Foong and Vina P Hermanto and Jen Wong. More works at participants' works galleries.)


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