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Pabha Studio


Completed 100 Painting Sessions


    "It's encouragement. It motivates me to do more and better works."

    "It is a joy to be affirmed by my teacher."

    "Certificate aside, even without it, I believe all students are fully thankful to you for your kindness and genuine heart to teach us."

    "I have completed 100 sessions. That is fast! Thank you very much for the certificate."

    "Through my journey of painting, I not only learn how to paint, he share his years of knowledge, experiences and personal testimonies with me which I am very thankful for him. All the months of practising, making mistakes, challenges, I am now enjoying my fruits; joy of painting. My heartfelt thanks to Jimmy."

    "I am happy, every one who has come this far will be very happy!"

    "I am very touched. Never expected this. Very very thankful."


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Acknowledgements: Prabhakara Jimmy Quek would like to thank all participants who allowed us to post their art works online. All artworks posted at Pabha websites are the property of their respective copyright owners. Any works posted against the wishes of the copyright owner will be removed upon request. The content of Pabha websits is not copyright free. Reproduction and commercial use is therefore forbidden. All Rights Reserved.

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