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Painting Sessions at Artist's Studio

Art classes with Singapore artist Prabhakara Jimmy Quek at the artist's studio

Anyone who is interested to do painting or drawing at any level can register online to book for the art lessons; art class for drawing and painting lesson are conducted either in a small group or one-on-one with the artist.



1. Acrylic Painting for Beginner

For beginners as well as those with some experience

You will learn to paint with acrylic medium, and learn to use art materials effectively and techniques to mix colors. You will be guided in using various methods to achieve different visual effects.

Besides practical exercises to investigate colors, lines, shapes, form, volume, light, texture, you will learn to develop skills to paint and to complete still life painting and in doing so, discover the freedom and ease of painting with this modern, non-toxic and versatile fine art medium - Acrylic.

Finally get to enjoy the freedom of expression in creating your original acrylic paintings either by direct observation, studies made from photos and visual references or visual impression through your own experiences, feelings and thoughts, ideas, dreams and imagination. For details click here.


Image Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Pazia, Alicia Png, Janivfer Lim and Elena Markina.)

2. Painting for Improver 

For those who has some experience, but keen to improve themselves further

For those who wish to develop their problem solving and decision making skills related to visual perception and visual realization such that further progress in painting, technical and conceptual skill can be made.

Thus, further develop ones ability to reflect upon ones work to improve and to communicate your formal and conceptual intentions into a piece of work and further ones artistic development.


Image Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Vivien Lee, Lynette Yeo, Michelle Yong and Alicia Png.)

3. Painting with Artist

For those who are seeking painting as a recreational activity

Suitable for ex-participants of our programmes and those who wish to have fine art drawing or painting sessions or experiment alternative artistic traditions at any level during available session.

You may explore further on representational or non representational painting, like still life, landscapes, floral, portraits, abstract painting or creative painting for fun. You may use a variety of medium either watercolor, acrylic or oil medium for exploration, creativity and innovation with broader context of contemporary visual culture.


Image Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Marilyn Johnston, Kho Che Kiat, Chan Lin Ho and Joana Priou.)

4. Basic Sketching / Drawing 

Drawing has been the very foundation of all art. Accurate drawing is the basis of all representational art. You will learn how to "see" and "record" what you see, using pencils on paper for your drawing. You will do sketching and drawing using direct observation method on still-life. Practical exercises include drawing shapes, drawing in line and tone, relationships between subjects, perspective and proportion.

These lessons are helpful for those without any experience at all and plan to take up fine art painting lessons in future and for those who wish to improve their painting skills by first strengthening their foundational drawing skills.

It is also useful for those who just simply like to learn the skills of sketching and drawing as a method of conveying an idea or feeling in pictorial terms. The skills and techniques acquired here will change your awareness of visual aesthetics for the rest of your life. For details click here.


Image Image Image Image

(Above drawings by June Ang, Guzel Mansurova, Fang Hui Min and Jiwon Han.)

5. Oil Painting Lessons

For beginners as well as those with some experience

You will learn to paint with oil paints and use oil medium effectively. You will learn the basic skills and techniques to mix your colors well. You will be guided in using various methods to achieve different visual effects for various types of paintings.


Image Image Image Image

(Above oil painting by Jimmy Quek, Felicia Chua,Jimmy Quek and Felicia Chua.)

6. Watercolor painting / How to Paint Orchids

For beginners. You will learn to paint orchids or other subjects with watercolour, more information click here.

Image Image Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Jimmy Quek. Watercolor on paper)

7. Art Lessons for Kids

Children will be benefited from art training as that will improve and develop their abilities in critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and practical thinking. Also it's a way to build self confidence and self-esteem through the practice of art making. Read More

Image Image Image Image

(Above artworks by Avanti, Pazia, Hannah and Alicia Png)


Time Schedule and Fee

1. Small Group Sessions

Personal attention and individual guidance are assured. The size of the class is capped at 5 or 6 people per small group session. Each participant progresses at their own pace and art course following their unique time schedule.


Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Evening Session




7.30pm - 9.30pm



3pm - 5pm




7.30pm - 9.30pm


10am - 12nn




10am - 12nn

3pm- 5pm






You could register and book for your painting or drawing sessions and begin your art practice any time when there is a slot available. Booking is based on a first comes first served basis.

Fees per person depend on number of sessions you book:

Small Group 1 session, SGD90

Small Group 2 sessions, SGD160

Small Group 3 sessions, SGD225

Small Group 4 sessions within 1 month, SGD260

Small Group 4 sessions within 2 months, SGD300.

Small Group 8 sessions within 2 months, SGD500

Small Group 8 sessions within 3 months, SGD560

Small Group 12 sessions within 3 months, SGD740

Small Group 12 sessions within 4 months, SGD800

Current available dates and times for booking are stated in the registration form for your selection. Click below Register Now sign for that.


Image   Image

(Photos: Small group session at Artist's home studio.)

2. One-on-one Sessions

Booking is based on a first comes first served basis. One-on-one session. Personal attention and individual guidance. Practise and learn accordingly to your level.


Morning Session

Afternoon Session


10am - 12nn

3pm - 5pm


10am - 12nn

3pm - 5pm

Fees per person depend on number of sessions you book:

One-on-one 1 session, SGD360

One-on-one 2 sessions, SGD700

One-on-one 3 sessions, SGD1,000

One-on-one 4 sessions within 1 month, SGD1,300

One-on-one 4 sessions within 2 months, SGD1,400

One-on-one 8 sessions within 2 months, SGD2,500

One-on-one 8 sessions within 3 months, SGD2,600

One-on-one 12 sessions within 3 months, SGD3,700

One-on-one 12 sessions within 4 months, SGD3,800



For any other days of the week or other time slots, please contact and check with the artist for availability. Tel: 67823579 or email: pabha@singnet.com.sg 

Image Image Image

(One-on-one session at Artist's home studio.) 

Registration and Payment of Fees

Registration is done online and payment is to be made in advance for first time booking. We shall reply you by email, informing you the availability of your scheduled sessions after registration has been made.

Make Payment

After online registration, payment can be made via a bank transfer to the POSB savings account 170153596 or using a credit card or PayPal. Click here to make payment.

Subsequent Booking

For subsequent booking, you can either make your booking and payment of fees online or during your painting/drawing session using cash payment.

Terms and Conditions

There will be no make-up session if you are absent from your scheduled session. No reschedule of sessions is allowed once the scheduled sessions are confirmed. Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Valerie Neo, Elena Markina and Suganya.)

Participants and their Artworks

Participants make satisfactory progress each time according to their levels of artistic practice and development.

We have documented participants' artworks online at Participants' Work Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, Featured Artists Gallery, Pabha Gallery-Featured Artworks, Facebook Page of Pabha Studio, links for participants' Abstract, Still Life, Landscapes, Floral and Portraits paintings.

Below are some examples of their artworks:

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Mohanandas, Vivien Lee, Steve Hirst, Janivfer Lim, Pazia and Tan Meng Jun.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Joana Priou, Rosalind Lim, Elena Markina, Pazia, Nak Blaauwendraad and Constance Chan.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image    

(Above artworks by Janivfer Lim, Alicia Png, Vivien Lee, Felicia Lim and Zhou Yimin.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Peo Zin Zin Myat, Damien Verdaguer, Janivfer Lim, Lynette Yeo, Tan Meng Jun

 and Alicia Png.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Vivien Lee, Diana Lim, Hannah Lim, Felicia Chua, Tan Meng Jun and Chua Si Hui.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Alicia Png, Vivien Lee, Michelle Yong, Janivfer Lim and Hannah Lim and Felicia Chua.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Hannah Lim, Elena Markina, Michelle Yong, Chan Lin Ho and Janivfer Lim and Sheena Bharathan.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Michelle Yong, Hannah Lim, Cavel Tiffany, Janivfer Lim, Vivien Lee and Chan Li Ho.)

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by ES Dhivya, Hannah Lim, RPP, Jen Wong, Alicia Png and Arva Kayamali Rangwala. )

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image  

(Above artworks by Parul Trivedi, Jen Wong, Michelle Yong, Cheryl Yeong, Alicia Png and Janivfer Lim.)

Participants are from all walks of life, such as accountants, auditors, bankers, corporation directors, physicians, teachers, lecturers, engineers, financial analysts, lawyers, IT personnel, executives, stewardesses, translators, architects, researchers, game testers, consultants, professional counsellers, businesspersons, housewives, CEOs, managing director, secretaries, artists, designers, monks, retirees, university/polytechnic/art college/art school/ junior college/secondary/primary school students.

They are of different ages and from different countries, such as Singapore, Netherlands, India, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Britain, Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Serbia, Italy, France, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Tibet, Nigeria and Kazakhstan.

Art Materials Needed

Participants bring their own art materials for their sessions. 

For acrylic painting

You need acrylic paints, acrylic mediums, stretched canvas or canvas panel or acrylic pad, some painting brushes, tear-off palette, paper towel, spray bottle, water container, watercolors pencil or charcoal stick or pencil, color wheel for acrylic painting. Others like painting knifes, impasto gel medium, glaze medium, texture paste, slow drying gel and gloss varnish are optional for beginner.

Recommended colours for beginners: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Brilliant Red, Crimson, Blue Lake, Pathalo Blue, Light Green, Pathola Green, Yellow Orchre, Burnt Sienna, Mars Black.

Image   Image   Image        

Image   Image          

(Above photos are samples of acrylic paints and tools that you need for painting session.) (More about acrylic paints, click here)

For oil painting lessons

You need a set of oil paints, brushes, canvas, low odour turpentine (or low odour thinners), purified linseed oil, alkyd flow medium,  double dipper, charcoal stick, painting knifes, tear-off palette, paper towel, color wheel for oil painting.

For sketching & drawing lessons

You need 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B pencils, kneaded rubber, eraser (though erasing is discouraged in sketching), pencil sharpener, tortillion, drawing paper, drawing block (min size: 273 x 375mm or A3 size: 297 x 420mm) or sketch book.

Image   Image   Image        

(Above photos are samples of pencils you need for sketching/drawing session.)

Where to buy art materials

You can buy art materials from book shops or art shops in Singapore such as:

Art Friend (BBC) Pte Ltd at #03-33 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231.

Overjoyed Pte Ltd at 89 Short Street #B1-08 Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216.

Straits Art Co Pte Ltd at North Bridge Center at #01-27, 420 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188727.

Image Image Image

(Above artworks by Jen Wong, Hannah Lim and Alicia Png.)

About the Artist

Prabhakara Jimmy Quek

Born on 20 November 1955 in Singapore. He started learning art since 1971 and has been practicing art full time since 1986.  

Jimmy held first one-man art exhibition in 1987 and since then he had held 11 one-man art exhibitions. He has exhibited his works in more than 80 group exhibitions in Yokohama, Kobe, Sapporo, Rotterdam, New York, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Beijing Quanzhou, Shanghai, korea, Fukuoka, Osaka,Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Jimmy's paintings adorn major areas of corporations, institutions, ministries, convention centres, airline lounges, banks, hospitals, offices and homes of art lovers and art collectors worldwide. His works are in the permanent collection of Singapore Art Museum.

Image Image

(Photo taken at Raffles City (left) and collector's place.)

Jimmy was the winner of First Prize in IBM Art Award in 1988. He was member of the Judging Panel for Della Butcher Award for Excellence in the Art 1994 and Member of of the Judging Panel for Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards in 1995. Jimmy was also awarded Third Prize in National Art Competition for Open Section Western Painting in 1974.

Jimmy was invited as External Assessor for Diploma in Visual Arts Assessments for 2-D Studies in the School of Fine Art, Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in 1999 and Member of the Department of 2D and 3D Studies Course Accreditation Committee, Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore in 1999/2000.

His arts are featured in many important publication. His artistic activities and achievements are reported in the news.

Image   Image          

(Jimmy and his arts are recorded in publications and in the news.)

Before Jimmy became full-time artist, he taught Art at Siglap Community Centre and Mountbatten Community Centre in the 80's. After practicing art full time, he was requested to conduct Sketching / Drawings (Elementary/ Intermediate/ Advanced levels) and Acrylic Paintings at Federation of Art Societies Singapore, when it was located at Church Street in early 90's. He conducted Painting Workshops for teachers at Metta School in 2003.

Image Image

(Outdoor sketching lesson at Church Street.)

Jimmy committed to make himself available for those who seek artistic assistance in their artistic journey. He teaches and shares his artistic skills and visual art experiences with those who wish to learn painting or basic sketching/drawing from him at his studio at Tampines in Singapore. Many have benefited from this ongoing endeavour since 2009.

Image   Image          

(Painting session at Artist's home studio at Tampines.) 

Feedback Received

Below are some feedback that we received from the participants:

"Grateful for your professional sharing of your knowledge and expertise."

"Certainly a metamorphosis from a complete foreigner in painting to an okay-practitioner. Your guidance and pointers, as well as the practical demonstrations were pivotal, appreciate it!"

"When I first step into your house and listen to the way you teach, I knew I've met a fantastic artist. Not just a capable art teacher but also a very caring friend who always teach me to learn and behave in good manner. Totally beyond my expectation... Today, I'm able to get into my course and follow my passion is because of your great help. I have improved a lot and I felt very prepared for my studies. Once again, thank you so much!"

"I enjoyed myself during the lesson, I do like the atmosphere as well! Thank you for being so patient with me!"

"I have passed NAFA's exam. Thanks for your drawing lesson."

"I feel fortunate to have taken this course, and more importantly had you train carefully each step along my drawing journey. I am also glad you shared with me and help me understand the ultimate goal of art which I never knew before. I love to see each member of your family works in harmony, so happy and peaceful."

"I really appreciate for all your teaching and caring. I always enjoy my lessons with you."

"Even though I am an artist and have had several exhibitions in Switzerland, I was not satisfied. From my first to my last session with Jimmy my painting advanced rapidly. Jimmy's enthusiasm is infection and you can not help but be inspired. The way of Jimmy's guidance is ideal for any level of budding artist. If you really want to realize your full potential than you must visit Jimmy! Thank you again, maestro."

Image Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.)

"The atmosphere of the class was very comfortable and I really enjoyed it."

"My daughter obtained an "A" in her Art at GCE "O" level examination. Thank you very much Jimmy."

"You have been a great mentor for me in the small journey of art so far."

"If you are looking for an art class to attend, I'll Recommend Jimmy's! I just wish he was not so far away from me!"

"The classes have been useful to me and I did learn a lot from the lessons taught. I look forward to continuing my lessons with you when I next have the time."

"Each session always made me very happy and a grateful person to know you."

"I am very thankful to have attended Mr Jimmy's art lessons. Now that I am dealing with my art exam, I could easily apply the skill Jimmy taught me. Thank you very much Mr Jimmy. I miss you and Siew Hooi. Miss all those lessons I had from you. Will visit you soon."

"I am very happy that I got a chance to learn sketching from you. I never tried sketching and never thought of doing it, but when I came to you I found it very interesting and learned so many helpful techniques which will help me in future. Thanks for your guidance."

"I enjoyed all lessons with you and you have made changes in my life. I am so thankful to know and have you as my art teacher!"

"Thank you so much again, I enjoyed your class very much. I have learn a lot from you and you have been very patient teaching me."

"I see passion and joy in you in every class and to every student. Wow! I admire and salute to you. Yes I enjoy every lesson with you especially your great sense of humour; I am more relaxed. Feels like I have 'escaped' into my painting."

"Thank you for all your guidance, patience and encouragement, and making every class a new learning experience."

"Thanks Jimmy. I am so happy painting...and surprisingly the pencil drawing! The doctor tell me I am recovering very well from my surgeries. Really, I think all this painting helps!"

"I am so lucky to have got an opportunity to be your student. The skill I learn from you and the resulting happiness are priceless."

"I am very grateful for your invaluable advice. Your 'criticisms' which I take very positively helped me progress in this learning journey and I enjoy our exchanges."

"Thank you very much for all the encouragement and guidance given to me during my 4 month's training at Pabha Studio. It was truly a beautiful experience learning art with lots of laughter and good memories. "

"Thank you for the guidance and feedback you have shared these past weeks especially on how to approach each painting project. I'm learning and discovering something new each week about this art form and the importance of practice!"

"I have enjoyed very much the sketching session this afternoon and your enthusiasm to teach my friend and me as much as possible. You are opening a whole new world in the art domain for me. It is much appreciated."

"My courses with you help me so much and I am nostalgic of the moments I spent by your side."

"I have completed 100 painting sessions. That is fast! Thank you very much for the certificate."

"I am glad that I took the plunge to go from West to East to meet you and be tutored by you. In the first session, I felt that you understood my goals and your art work seemed to reflect some of the ideas that I have. I have learnt much from you in the 8 sessions and look forward to continuing to explore more with you when time permits."

"I am proud to share my five years of learning to painting with you has been fabulous. From the very day I started; I am touch by your sincerity, patience and kindness to teach me to paint well. It was 'I like to paint' to now 'I love to paint!' You make my art journey not only, enriching and lighthearted, its absolutely awesome! Thank you Jimmy Quek!

"Been very blessed to be referred to Jimmy for learning art as I've learned so much from him. Jimmy not just teaches art but also inspires me to appreciate and create my own art. Really appreciate Siew Hooi's hospitality - she always makes sure that I am comfortable during the lessons. 12 lessons passed by too quickly. Will visit again."

"My best and most passionate, cheerful and friendly art teacher, Jimmy Quek, who always makes art such a fun and enjoyable thing to learn."


Advice from the Artist

There are many ways to learn a complex and personal subject such as art. However, a sound background in direct observation and representational painting is always useful to achieve a reasonable standard of skill in one's chosen medium.

Many objects around us are good subjects for beginners to draw and paint. Once you have learnt how to see and how to record the objects on a surface, you can then experiment with different techniques and media. You can even further explore the world of imagination and work with intuition.

Image Image Image Image Image

You can do it if you want to learn it and you take action in art making. One who has regular and continuing practice will certainly produce better results in one's art work, be it representational or non-representational art.

It is fun and useful to learn sketching and painting and to continue learning and practicing them regularly.

You are welcome to join the painting sessions. I'll be happy to assist you along your artistic journey.

You will build-up your self-confidence and attained a sense of achievement through art. You will enjoy art making and appreciate art in life.


Prabhakara Jimmy Quek

More Useful Tips (click here).

Image   Image   Image   Image      

(Above paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.)

Getting Here

Image   Image   Image        

Pabha Studio : 286 Tampines St 22 #07-171 Singapore 520286. Tel: 67823579.

Directions at Google

By Car

Take the PIE towards Changi Airport, look for Exit 3B and turn left at Exit 3B. Keep left and turn left into Tampines Avenue 2, keep left and turn left into Tampines Street 22. Turn right into the car park at Block 286. Park your car near the entrance. Click here for location map.

By Taxi

An easy and convenient way.

By MRT and Bus

There are three MRT stations near by: Simei (EW3), Tampines (EW2) & Tampines East (DT33). Then, take a bus to bus stop (76099) or bus stop (76091). Click here for location map.

By Bus

Alight at the bus stop (76099) in front of Block 285 along Tampines Ave 2. Bus services available: 8, 17, 18, 20, 28, 34, 39, 59, 292 & 518. Or , alight at the bus stop (76091) in front of Block 206 which is opposite Block 285, bus services available there: 3, 8, 17, 18, 20, 28, 34,39, 59 & 518. Click here for location map.


Image Image Image

(Above watercolors paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.)

Enquiry and Registration

If you have any questions regarding drawing or painting sessions, please check it at Commonly Asked Question page, if that has not answered your questions, do feel free to check with Jimmy or Siew Hooi at email: pabha@singnet.com.sg

For registration, please register online and pay in advance for your booking. We shall reply you by email informing you the availability of your scheduled sessions. Booking is now open for current and forthcoming sessions. Dates available for booking are stated in registration form. Click below Register Now sign for the registration form.


Make Payment

For Payment, you can make bank transfer to POSB savings account 170153596 or you can use credit card or PayPal to pay for your fees. Click here to make payment.

For subsequent booking, you can either continue to make your booking and payment of fees online or during your painting/drawing session using cash payment. Receipt will be given for cash payments.

Image Image Image

(Above paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek.)



  (Recent photos of Jimmy Quek and Siew Hooi)

"I am happy to help people improving their painting and drawing. I enjoy seeing them grow and transform in their artistic journey"

For special situation, you may wish to invite Prabhakara Jimmy Quek for either basic sketching/drawing or painting sessions at your place in Singapore. Click here for information and fees.

Image   Image   Image        


Learn, Practise, Experience, Share & Connect

286 Tampines St 22 #07-171 Singapore 520286   Tel: 67823579  

Email: pabha@singnet.com.sg   Website: www.pabha.com


Courses / Time Schedule and Fee / Participants' works / Art Materials Needed / About the Artist 

 Feedback Received / Advice from the Artist / Getting Here / Enquiry and Registration




Acknowledgements: Prabhakara Jimmy Quek would like to thank all participants who allowed us to post their art works online. All artworks posted at Pabha websites are the property of their respective copyright owners. Any works posted against the wishes of the copyright owner will be removed upon request. The content of Pabha websits is not copyright free. Reproduction and commercial use is therefore forbidden. All Rights Reserved.

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